Know where your money stands at all times, no matter where you are. Information Reporting tools provide a full view of your financial situation — only a few quick clicks away.

Stay on top of money management with time-saving services like Treasury Management Online1, mobile banking, account reconcilement1, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)1, CD Rom Statements1, and eStatements.

To learn more or to sign your business up for these money-boosting solutions today, call one of our branch locations or send us a quick inquiry, and one of our knowledgeable Treasury Management Professionals will be in contact with you shortly.

Treasury Management Online1

F&M Bank's Treasury Management Online provides functionality designed to help you obtain, analyze, and manage your cash and treasury information. This powerful tool provides real-time information management power via the internet, 24/7.

Reduce expenses, capitalize on revenue opportunities, increase profits, and facilitate the flow of information using the highest standard protocols available with Treasury Management Online.

  • Maintain immediate access to your account anytime, anywhere with internet access
  • Simplifies business cash management
  • View real-time account activity; up to 6 months of transactions
  • Locate and print images of paid checks, deposit tickets, deposited items, and more
  • Transfer funds between F&M accounts or schedule future transfers
  • Place stop payments on checks the minute it needs to happen1
  • Download information into QuickBooks®, Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets, and other money management software
  • Secured by the latest hardware and software technology including Multi-Factor Authentication and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with 256 bit encryption.
  • Your online platform can be customized to fit your specific needs
    • Determine online access limits and user rights within your company.
    • Determine which of your employees initiate wire transfers and ACH payments
    • Set dollar limits for individual users of ACH and wires

Mobile Banking2

Have account management always at your fingertips with the flexibility of mobile banking. View account balances, check transactions, transfer funds, pay bills, and more using your cell phone or mobile device.

With Mobile Banking, wherever you are, so is access to your bank. Enroll your business today.

  • Free service, available to customers enrolled in Treasury Management Online
  • Manage a number of banking tasks anytime, anywhere via your mobile device:
    • View account balances
    • Check transactions; see if a check cleared, or a deposit was made, etc.
    • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay Bills
  • Available three convenient ways:
    • Web browsing
    • Smartphone app download

Easy Enrollment

There are two easy ways to enroll into Mobile Banking:

  • Enroll within Treasury Management Online by clicking on the Options Tab then the Mobile Settings Tab.
  • You can also enroll through our Mobile Banking site with your mobile device. Once on the Mobile Banking site, log in and then follow the quick and easy sign-up steps!

Account Reconcilement

Simplify accounting procedures and increase audit control, while saving time and money in the process. By automating audits, you catch errors quicker and always have up-to-date records to draw from when necessary.

Cover all your bases without actually having to cover them yourself. Sign your business up for account reconcilement today.

  • Ideal for businesses handling and issuing a large number of checks
  • Improve audit control
  • Streamline back office functions and reduce costs
  • Maintain up-to-date records
  • Receive monthly reports; downloadable data files customized to meet your business needs
  • Audit control over funds collection and disbursement:
    • Cleared Checks
    • Deposits Only
    • Issued Checks Not Cleared
    • Other Items posted
  • Catch errors early
  • Maintain internal controls
  • Expedite record checks

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Reporting for ACH transactions, received with additional information related to the transaction, can be found by signing up for F&M's EDI Reporting capability. A direct link to the Federal Reserve's EDI portal is provided to receive this reporting feature.

Retrieve business-related transaction information at any time without the hassle — sign your business up for EDI services today.

  • Cut down on paper storage hassles
  • Easy retrievable records, available 24/7

CD ROM Statements

Receive your monthly statements and check images on CD Rom and have instant access to check images no longer available online. Rather than make room for boxes of paper statements and images, easily maintain that same information on a space-saving CD.

Whenever necessary, retrieve detailed images of your paid checks and deposited items conveniently from your PC. Streamline data storage by making the switch to CD ROM Statements today.

  • Long-term storage option for important account details
  • Retrieve detailed images of paid checks and deposited items 24/7
  • Maintain years' worth of history in one place
  • Avoid clutter and paper storage hassles
  • Requires no additional software


Save time, space, and even a tree in the process. eStatements provide your business with an easily-retrievable record of account details anytime, anywhere that you have internet access.

As soon as a new electronic statement is available, an email notification will be sent to you automatically. eStatements can also be downloaded and saved to your computer or other storage device at any time. Make the simple switch to eStatements today.

  • Access business account statements anytime, anywhere with an internet connection
  • Free with any business account
  • Receive automatic email notifications when a new electronic statement is available
  • Enhanced security; eliminates a paper trail of important details from circulating
  • Increased organization; prevents the stockpiling of paper records
  • Available quicker; no waiting or digging through records for previous statements
  • More environmentally friendly than paper statements
  • Easily view, print, save, and archive

1Fees may apply, for more information visit one of our offices or contact one of our Treasury Management Professionals.

2To use Mobile Banking, Text Banking, and our Smart Phone Apps, you must also have our Business Digital Banking or Treasury Management Online service for which there may be a fee, and web access is required on your cell phone or mobile device. Check with your mobile carrier about fees they may charge you for internet access, text messaging or other related services. Fees may apply for our optional Bill Pay Service, Stop Payments, use of QuickBooks®, and others. Restrictions may apply. Refer to our Customer Agreement & Schedule of Charges for a complete list of fees and charges that may apply.