SEC Filings

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Delta Shareholder Tax Info

IRS Form 8937 Report of Organizational Actions Affecting Basis of Securities

Shareholder Relations 

Our shareholders are very important to us and we are dedicated to meet your needs.  You may reach Jehna Silva at 209-367-2348 or our Chief Financial Officer, Bart R. Olson at 209-367-2485 to assist you with:

  • facilitating the buying or selling shares;
  • obtaining information on the Company’s current stock price or announced dividend payments;
  • obtaining information regarding share ownership or making changes to share ownership (transferring shares to a relative or other individual, making a name change or changing addresses, etc.);
  • replacing lost certificates or obtaining missing documents (1099’s, dividend checks, etc.);
  • opening a safe deposit box for certificate safekeeping;
  • obtaining a Medallion Stamp or Notary Stamp; or
  • any other shareholder related request.

Board Committee Charters