Protecting you from Fraud & Identity Theft is of utmost importance to all of us at F&M Bank. This includes safeguarding your personal & confidential information, and protecting your account from fraud. To do this, we use state of the art technology and our employees receive special training.

Card Alerts

F&M Bank's Fraud Prevention Service monitors and protects your VISA Debit Card or ATM Card from fraud 24/7, 365 days a year. When potentially fraudulent transactions are discovered, you may be contacted so that future fraudulent transactions can be avoided.

What We Monitor

Your card transactions are monitored for purchases that are outside of your normal purchasing patterns; occur during abnormal timeframes and at unusual geographical locations; or purchase patterns that are consistent with previously identified fraud trends.

How We Contact You

Getting in touch with you quickly is critical to stopping any potential card fraud. Our Fraud Prevention Service may alert you of possible fraudulent transactions one of two ways:

  • SMS/text messages
  • Automated phone call (Interactive Voice Response (IVR))

Card Alert Text Message (SMS/Text Messages)

  • The text message will ask if the transactions are authorized, and will ask you to respond "Yes" or "No."
  • As always, never provide personal or confidential card or account information.
  • If you would like to opt out of receiving these important messages by text, you may reply with STOP to indicate this preference.
  • If there is no response to the text message within a certain period of time (usually 15 minutes), then we will attempt to contact you with an automated phone call (IVR).

How to Contact the Fraud Prevention Service

If you are contacted by our Fraud Department and need to verify the text or to discuss a transaction, you can call (800) 889-5280.