Visa® Business Debit Card

Visa® Business Debit Card


    An F&M Bank Visa® Business Debit Card is available with your business checking account.

    See important Disclosure information below*


    • An F&M Bank Business Debit Card is the key to worldwide convenience and easy banking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • With your Business Debit Card you can use any of the convenient F&M Bank ATMs, and you get worldwide access to ATMs or shopping in locations that display Pulse®, Cirrus®, or Visa® logos.*
    • Your F&M Bank Business Debit Card transactions will appear on your account statement.
    • The standard Daily Limits for your Business Debit Card are $510 (including any non-F&M Bank ATM surcharges) for ATM withdrawals and $2,500 for Point-of-Sale purchases.

    Purchase Alerts®

    With free Visa® Purchase Alerts, receive near real-time alert notifications on select signature-based purchases made with your F&M Bank Visa Business Debit Card. Select the criteria and delivery options that best meet your needs (via text message, email, or both) for extra security and convenience. Each alert contains important information, including the purchase amount, merchant name and location (if available), and the last four digits of the Business Debit Card used to keep you best informed.

    Visa® Secure / Verified By Visa®

    We are adding an extra layer of protection onto your online purchases.

    Some online merchants may require you to authenticate yourself when performing a transaction over the internet using your F&M Bank Debit Card or F&M Bank Business Debit Card.

    The authentication process is simple and secure – depending on the merchant and the transaction, you may be prompted with a screen that advises you of the authentication requirement. The Verified By Visa system utilizes a One-Time Password that is sent to you as a Text Message which you must enter on the website to continue with your transaction. If you do not have a mobile number on file, you will be prompted to authenticate yourself using other information on file.

    There is no enrollment and this service is free of charge.

    Visit any of our convenient locations or call us at (800) 888-1498, M-F 8am-6pm PST. Either way, one of our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you.

    *Disclosure Information

    Third party fees may apply for use of Point of Sale (POS), Non-F&M Bank ATMs, and for use of Pulse®, Cirrus®, or Visa® networks. F&M Bank fees may apply depending upon the account type. For example: a monthly Point of Sale (POS) charge, and for use of non-F&M Bank ATMs.

    Actual delivery time for the Purchase Alerts depends on several factors including, but not limited to your wireless coverage and service area. Purchase Alerts are provided by Visa USA and the services and functionality are limited by their website.

    For terms and conditions, account information, and a list of fees and charges that may apply, please refer to our Customer Agreement & Schedule of Charges, Books I & II. This information is subject to change anytime without notice.

    This information is effective 10/29/19 and subject to change anytime without notice.