Zero Balance & Credit Sweep Accounts

Zero Balance & Credit Sweep Accounts


A Zero Balance Account (ZBA) is the convenient way to improve your cash flow, and it enables you to disburse funds in a way that works best for your company.

The ZBA is a checking account designed to maintain a zero balance. It is funded by a separate, primary account that generally receives all deposits, and then disburses funds to the ZBA only when necessary to cover checks or debits.

By keeping your deposits in the primary account you can concentrate your funds, eliminating idle balances in multiple accounts.

More than one ZBA can be linked to the primary account

  • Payroll, Health Care, Vendors, General Payables, Etc.


Your company's cash automatically goes where it benefits you most - to pay down your line of credit or to fund your business checking account.

  • Set a target balance for your business checking account. Then, on a daily basis, funds above that target are automatically "swept" into your line of credit account to pay down your balance, and to minimize your interest expenses. Or, if your checking account balance falls below the target, funds are automatically drawn from your line of credit to refill your checking account. It's cash management made easy!

For more information visit any of our convenient locations or call us at (800) 888-1498, M-F 8am-6pm PST. Either way, one of our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives will be happy to assist you. Fees may apply. For complete account information, please refer to our Customer Agreement & Schedule of Charges which you receive at account opening.

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